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AmCham in Brief

The American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic is a non-profit, nongovernment organization governed independently by a board of directors elected from and by its membership. We are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce and the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (ECACC). We connect more than 1600 top executives and company owners representing more than 400 companies. Our member network spans industries, sizes and nationalities.

Our objective is to improve business environment in the Czech Republic. We can achieve it through networks of our members, business associations, public administration and NGOs we cooperate with. Our members can take an advantage of provided business opportunities, management improvements and advocacy.

  • We organize around 100 networking activities annually, including Leadership Cocktails, Seminars, Workshops and Discussions, General Manager Breakfasts and Evenings, Movie Clubs, a Golf Tournament and our Thanskgiving Ball.
  • We promote the country with our Czech Republic Overview, and by briefing potential investors. The overview is distributed by Czech government offices around the world and through our network.
  • We promote our members through Best Office publication and on our website The allows our members to promote themselves to thousands of potential partners.
  • We advocate legislative and regulatory reform. The Competitiveness Report assesses government policy in six areas using both statistics and opinion surveys. Our members and staff were integrally involved in the complete reform of the bankruptcy act, the new commercial registry process, reform of public procurement, the introduction of social security caps, the original package of investment incentives, more liberal rules for financial collateral, the entry of the Czech Republic into the US visa waiver program.
  • We are working with universities and companies to expand research opportunities.
  • We serve as a platform for exchanging best practices in managing an organization.
  • We have introduced a series of discussions with politicians and academics on the importance of Truth and Trust in our society.
  • We continue to expand our CSR project One World, Many Voices, which supports language education at the Czech elementary schools.

The 44 Chambers belonging to AmChams in Europe represent over 17,000 companies that employ 20 million people in Europe and the USA.

The Chamber is registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, section A, entry No. 7665. Id.-No.: 481 18 320.

To get more information about AmCham in the Czech Republic, please, send an email to


AmCham: the Community of Next


Objectives of Our Community

  • We aim to make the Czech Republic the best place to do business in Europe by constantly improving the networks between businesses, the knowledge of managing a business, and policy governing business.
  • We pursue the next initiative that benefits both the wider business community and Czech society.
  • We strive to create the next business opportunity, whether it is a transaction, an investment, or a new government policy.
  • We cooperate with governments on the next reform that makes economic policy more transparent, fair, and prosperous for the country.
  • We share the expertise and experiences of our community to raise the standards of operational excellence.

Values of Our Community

  • We are transparent.
  • Truth and trust are our core values.
  • We are ambitious. We believe today should be as good as is possible, and tomorrow even better.
  • We take initiative. If we identify what needs to get better, we do not wait for others to take the lead.
  • We are creative. We search for beneficial new trends of managing the economy, managing the country, or building a better society.
  • We are disciplined. Our ideas become reality.
  • We are broad-minded. We understand that there are many solutions to any issue, and we listen to others to find the solution that works best for the sustainable and balanced development of our society.
  • We have respect for others.
  • We excel in every task and in each detail.


AmCham Services

AmCham services are tailored to the needs of our members and to achieve AmCham objectives listed above.


Best Office

  • Managing well means constantly making your office run better even as it must do more and more as markets change around you. AmCham’s Best Office service combines events and publications- as well as an upcoming online reference tool- to exchange the best practice in managing an office. We have established working groups to supervise this exchange in five areas: finance, IT, human resources, marketing and real estate. These groups were responsible for excellent discussions on Conflict resolution, Social media and its regulation, Using the internet to grow your business, Is the Czech Republic still on radar screen of multinationals to grow?, or Tenants forum. What you can do? Join our committees and share your best practice either at an event or in the annual publication.

Advocacy / Council on Czech Competitiveness

  • The Council is our primary vehicle for debating, researching and advocating policy. It is a platform for co-operating with policy associations and the government. One example is The Platform for Transparent Public Procurement, which combined the efforts of more than 30 political parties, government offices, or private sector association to help draft the government approved reform of the Act on Public Procurement. Our efforts to promote joint company-university research - the Best Co-operation of the Year - also fall under the Council. Another project is the task force on Prague tourism. Work with us to establish a working group on key competitiveness issues, join the team that conducts the competitiveness surveys and publishes the report, attend the issue roundtables with government decision-makers to ensure that your views are heard directly. Join our committees and discuss currently drafted legislation or learn more about it at our events and from our monitoring service. Our committees address labor, tax, commercial, civil, real estate law issues, or developments in the fields of energy and health care, for example.

Leadership Council

  • We created the Leadership Council as our primary interface with the world outsider the business community. The Council has two main mandates. The first is to advance our efforts to create more trust between business and the rest of society. Our Truth and Trust series features debates about how transparent and truthful companies should be, as well as evening discussions on the role of truth in politics with leading politicians. The second mandate is to broaden our social responsibility activities. This includes AmCham’s One World, Many Voices project to improve language training in Czech elementary schools. We are also going to devote more attention to promoting our member’s CSR activities, including co-ordinating some of those activities into projects that can achieve more than the sum of their parts. What can you do? Get involved in out Truth and Trust series, participate in the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee or support our One World, Many Voices project.


  • This is our focal point for promoting your business. It attracts thousands of visitors each month both from Czech Republic and abroad. You can visit the site to research key statistics and analysis of the market, find information on movements within important companies, and to read profiles of movers and shakers in the market. How can you use it? Report your big accomplishments, publish your research, and announce your key events, activities, job openings and promotions.

Peer-to-Peer Networking

  • Our primary networking channels are small and informal exchanges between top decision-makers. Our staff uses their knowledge of your business needs to link you with potential partners so that you have the chance to sit down and talk about your common interests. How can you use it? Contact us to arrange a small gathering that fits your business interests or help us organize a relaxing evening for business leaders.

Representative Events

  • We also offer a range of events designed for you to celebrate your success with your business partners and other members of the community. The flagship of these activities is the Thanksgiving Ball, which is considered the highlight of business’ social calendar. We also hold quarterly Leadership Cocktails and regular Speaker Series events with top decision-makers. Newly introduced Spring Party or annual General Assembly should be also included to our memebrs‘ representation calendar. What can you do? You can invite business partners to attend these top class events or increase your profile by sponsoring the event.

Personal Development Workshops

  • You cannot build a company if you cannot build yourself. Using facilitators with extensive management experience, our workshops help you to develop the skills such as intercultural management, nonverbal communication or advanced sales skills- that make you more effective as a leader and manager. How can you use it? Register for the one-day workshop or help us design a workshop that fits your needs.