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July 02, 2013


AmCham has become a partner to an exhibition showing American symbol Marilyn Monroe through all available mediums. AmCham members are invited to this world-class exhibition and can look forward to an AmCham event, that will be held on September 17 to view the exhibition. Companies can purchase tickets for their employees or invite its clients to the exhibition. For more information please write to


About the exhibition

After the earned success in Florence, the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo, created to homage the life and work of Salvatore Ferragamo, is honoured to export its project to the city of Prague. A unique exhibition called Marilyn will occupy the elegant spaces of the Prague Castle Riding School from May 30th to September 20th 2013. Organised by Prague Castle Administration in collaboration with the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and Armentano Co., the exhibition presents the fashion icon and cultural phenomenon Marilyn Monroe through all available mediums.

The exhibition will include 30 pairs of shoes and over 50 outfits from the actress’s wardrobe, worn on the set of her most important movies, in her personal life and in public; clothing and accessories that over time – as with anything she touched – have become cult objects sought after by collectors around the world and sold at auctions for astronomical prices.
The exhibition will also juxtapose different artistic domains: photography – because Marilyn was, without a doubt, the most photographed woman of the twentieth century – and film – because she was an extraordinary actress, capable of interpreting a wide array of roles and a varied range of characters, with the ability to innovate. Specific attention is devoted to twentieth century art (Warhol, Klein, Rotella and Canevari) and classical art (Soldani, Dandini, Susini, Furini and Canova), on which Monroe’s pop image relies for the figurative archetypes necessary to eternalise her effigy. Historic film clips, international magazine covers and the actress’ original writings will be displayed next to these masterpieces.

The exhibition is held at Prague Castle Riding School
30 ⁄ 05 – 20 ⁄ 09 ⁄ 2013

The exhibition is held under the auspices:
The President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman
The United States Embassy in Prague
The Italian Embassy in Prague

And in partnership with:
American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic
Camera di Commercio e dell'industria Italo - Ceca



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