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Managing The Business—Life Connection For Long-Term Fulfillment_Capacity Full

November 19, 2013 AmCham, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Managing The Business-Life Connection For Long-Term Fulfillment AmCham members are invited to the round-table discussion on creating a fulfilling life and building a successful business with: Michael Fabián, Country Manager, American Express Michal Chour, General Manager, Radisson BLU Roman Stupka, CEO, Window Holding Sanjiv Suri, President and CEO, Zátiší Group Eva Benešová, Owner, Principal Coaching Facilitated by James A. Cusumano, Author, Executive, Hotelier, Speaker, Entertainer Opening Presentation by Jim Cusumano: Balance: Key To The Business-Life Connection (inspired by his recent book A current Gallop pole of millions of workers in developed countries shows that only 30% enjoy their job, 50% simply collect a paycheck, and 20% dislike their job. There are two reasons for this and both can be addressed. The two most important days in your life set the stage for your long-term fulfillment. Your life can be divided into two parts-personal and professional; long-term fulfillment requires a sense of purpose and balance between both parts of your life. Purpose and balance are achievable; they require commitment, a specific plan and some work. BALANCE: The Business-Life Connection provides a proven technique to create long-term fulfillment. It was developed over more than 30 years experience in technology and entertainment. Registration online or at - seating is limited. For more information please contact Veronika Szentivanyiova (, mobile: 602-790-012)

Online business - current issues and potential threats of new EU regulations

November 19, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Online businesses is now facing new challenges with the recent proposal of EU Directive on Cyber Security and development of regulation of cookies. At the same time, growing use of social networks for marketing purposes inevitably leads to need of effective tools for protection of businesses against unfair activities of competitors. Areas to be dicussed: 1. Proposal of new EU Directive on Cyber Security and its impact on different on-line activities, such as e-shops, e-commerce platforms, Internet payment gateways, social networks, search engines, cloud computing services, application stores - legal background - threats for business 2. Legal regulation of use of cookies & issues of consent - common EU background and different implementation by member states - Czech legal regulation and new EU guidance on obtaining consent for cookies 3. Protection of your business on social networks - brand/firm Facebook pages administered by unauthorized persons - real-life experience and possible solutions Speakers: Denis Gibadulin of Google CR Pavel Kramný of Programia s.r.o. & Elena Shubik of Visual Unity Lenka Koláriková of Squire Sanders ( US ) LLP Registration: online at under the company password or by email at AmCham contact person: Renata Paceltova at

IT Committee

November 19, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Regular meeting of IT (IT/Logistics/Telco) committee members. Registration: online or at ___________________ For more info about IT committee activities, agenda, please contact Renata Paceltova at or call 724184866.

GM Breakfast - informal meeting of General Managers, CEOs, Owners, Partners

November 15, 2013 Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel, Žitná 8, Prague 2

During these small informal sessions (group of 12 to 15 General Managers with the representatives of the AmCham Board of Directors) you will have a chance to meet key counterparts from the business community and discuss common issues - your business plans for 2014, the possible co-operation with our organization in the future - as well as learn about what AmCham is doing to improve the business climate, what are our new projects, etc.. Sponsored by: Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel - Agenda: Introduction Members Introduction - brief info from their sector AmCham initiatives/projects Discussion For general managers/CEOs, owners and partners (R1 representatives). Registration: by email at

Labor Code&Social Affairs Committee

November 13, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Labor Code&Social Affairs Committee will meet to discuss upcoming plans and activities. Agenda will be specified prior to the meeting. Please, register at or via Contact person: Veronika Szentiványiová,

Change Management_whole day training

November 12, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Target group Senior and Junior Managers who need to overcome staff’s resistance to change and successfully implement change in their organization Duration 1 day Style Interactive (50% of the seminar time will be implementation and exercises) Background Change is no longer just a force in the business environment, It IS today’s business environment. In the ideal world Managers have to overcome their own change resistance immediately, lead the staff through any change whilst still delivering on or above the original targets. This seminar is designed to support you with this endeavor in the best possible way. Understanding how it works and actually doing it already during the seminar (50% of the seminar time will be implementation and exercises!) guarantees learnings you can implement immediately in your daily job. Top line content · Sources of change · Change resistance - why? · Neuro-scientific angle · Change and stress · Communicating change · Situational leadership in times of change · 8 step approach for successfully managing/implementing/monitoring change Trainer Alex Reidl, MA. Alex is a self employed Management Consultant and Coach, specialized on Leadership Coaching, operational and strategic Management and Marketing Consulting. He holds customized seminars on building winning teams, change management and non-verbal communication amongst others. Within his area of expertise he also teaches selected MBA courses at university. PRICE: 3,400 CZK + VAT for AmCham member (6,000 CZK for non-members) Limited capacity: 10 persons F&B provided during the seminar. There will be also a break for lunch. Contact person: Lucie Vrbová,, 733 685 318 --------------------------------- CANCELATION POLICY: This online registration is mandatory. By registering here you agree with the following cancellation policy: - AmCham (further on "provider") will issue an invoice based on provided information (Company name) - The fee must be paid and received by the bank account of the provider before the seminar start. - If the course is canceled by the provider, the whole fee will be reimbursed to the participant. - If the participant is unable to attend the course, the company may send another participant as a "substitute" (no extra charges will apply). The participant must, however, inform the provider as soon as possible. - If cancellation is made by the participant more than 7 days before the course start, 50% of the fee is eligible for refund to the participant. - If cancellation is made by the participant exactly or less than 7 days before the course start, the entire fee is non-refundable.

GM Evening with wine tasting - CAPACITY full

November 05, 2013 AD VIVUM, Slovanský dům - Atrium, Riedl shop, Na Příkopě 22, Prague 1

During these networking sessions you will have a chance to meet key counterparts from the business community and discuss common issues - your business plans for 2014, as well as taste excellent wine! Hosted by: AD VIVUM - Registration: For invited GMs, CEOs, Partners & Owners Registration by email at Capacity is limited to 14.

Experiences of managing Mobile Devices in company (IN CZECH]

November 05, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Format of the event: A moderated roundtable discussion of representatives of companies and solution providers focused on business experience, best practices, and pros & cons. The discussion will be also supported by several case studies. The event will be held in Czech language. Areas to be discussed: How companies and Customers use mobile devices in the companies (companies’ vs. personal mobile devices) Do we have our data/information on mobile devices save? How to protect them? Is there a chance to split up a company’s life from personal life on mobile devices? What are the economic benefits of quality management of mobile devices? Case studies presented by: Milan Marek of ANETA s.r.o. Lukáš Klášterský of Česká pojišťovna Pavel Procházka of Toner Recycling Services s.r.o. Ladislav Venc of AT&T presenting customer' s case studies: - Wireless eTicketing Transforms Rail Travel at Amtrak - Cytori Therapeutics Helps its Team Stay on the Cutting Edge with Mobile Device Management Registration: online at under the company password or by email at AmCham Contact: Renata Paceltová at or at 724 184 866.

Content Marketing: Good to Great_Capacity Full

October 30, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Good content isn't good enough anymore. There are millions of publishers and billions of stories in our always-online world. For your content to go from good to great, you need to understand how it's created, delivered and consumed, and what topics, tone and formats your audience will respond to - and how to respond to changing trends. All supported by real insights about your audience to ensure you're delivering the right content, at the right time, in a way that supports your business objectives. Workshop driver: Elizabeth McGuane - Director of Content Strategy, FleishmanHillard A content strategist, information architect, writer and editor with a background in user experience design and journalism. She plans and builds comprehensive content projects for large, complex websites, and helps brands clarify their online presence - and boost sales - with great content. She works collaboratively with designers and developers to create innovative, content-rich websites that have the user's tasks and needs at their core. She also helps create workflow and governance processes that keep web content fresh and keep websites performing well in the long term. She often speaks on conferences on content strategy, such as Euro IA in Edinburhg, Generate in London or Designyatra in India. ---------------- Registrations at Contact person: Lucie Vrbová,

Marketing Committee

October 30, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Regular meeting of AmCham Marketing Committee to discuss upcoming activities and further initiatives. To receive more information about Marketing Committee and its initiatives please contact Lucie Vrbova at

How can CFO contribute to Business Success & help other departments

October 25, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Overview of topics: When does start-up need a separate CFO position. What is the difference between Financial Controller and CFO. How can CFO/Finance contribute to Commercial Success: - Business partnership o Delivers insight decision makers and ensures business decisions are grounded in sound financial analysis o Ensures that resources are allocated to areas where value can be generated o Creates awareness about general financial rules o Balancing the relation between risk and return - Operational agility and automation - Optimization of finance operations - Process standardization and monitoring - Develops tool for measuring the success of any business course CFO´s Profile, communication with other departments CFO´s Mantra Real Experiences of CFOs, Financial Controller…. Speakers: Martin Brix - LeasePlan Kateřina Cann - AVESTUS Real Estate Martin Kos - Accenture Martin Viktora - Synergie Registration: By email at or by reply email For Business/Projects managers, HR/CFOs - for all members. For more info, contact Renata Paceltova at

HR Committee

October 25, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Regular meeting of AmCham HR Committee to discuss and plan upcoming Committee´s initiatives. To find out more about HR Committee´s activities please contact Lucie Vrbova at

New Business Corporations Act: the issue of concurrency of employment with the statutory authority as of January 1, 2014 (in Czech)

October 24, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

AmCham Vás zve na panelovou diskuzi na téma Problematika „souběhu“ pracovního poměru s výkonem funkce statutárního orgánu po 1. lednu 2014 ve světle zákonu o obchodních korporacích. Diskuze se bude konat v kancelářích AmCham v Dušní 10, 24. října 2013, 9.00-11.00. Témata: - Nová právní úprava ZOK a problematika „souběhu“ - Bude možné po 1. lednu 2014 mít „souběh“? Lze takový postup doporučit? - Bude použitelná dosavadní judikatura k souběhu i po 1. lednu 2014? - Rizika a aplikační problémy nové úpravy ZOK ve vztahu k souběhu - Může mít jednatel od 1. ledna 2014 pracovní smlouvu pro výkon práce jednatele? - Jaké praktické změny přináší ZOK do postavení člena statutárního orgánu a jeho odpovědnosti za škodu? Panelisté: - Bohumil Havel – PRK Partners - Petr Čech – Glatzová&Co. Moderovat bude: Ladislav Smejkal - White&Case (Europe) LLP Prosím zaslání o registrace na nebo online prěs Kontaktní osoba: Veronika Szentiványiová,

Tax Relief - Support of R&D activities (In CZECH)

October 23, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

The European Union enables to supports projects innovating company´s products, processes and services, thus enabling these companies to reduce their tax base related to their own research and development activities. In practice, this means savings of about 19% of total expenditures carried out within research and development. During the workshop we will present how to apply for tax deduction, what companies are eligible, show some examples from practice and explain what are the risks and profits related to this topic. What can income tax discounts be applied to? · Salaries and mandatory contributions of employees engaged in research and development. · Depreciation of assets used in research and development. · Material and energy consumed during implementation of research and development. · Travel expenses associated with implementation of research and development. · Telecommunication services costs, certification and patents connected to implementation of research and development. What are the conditions for applying reductions for research and development?...and other relevant topics to be discussed Questions & Answers Drivers of the Workshop: Michal Pácal of eNovation & Ivan Janoušek of APOGEO/Znalecký ústav ------------------------------- Registration online under the company password or at AmCham contact: Renata Paceltova, 724 184 866

Finance committee

October 23, 2013 AmCham offices, Dušní 10, Prague 1

Regular meeting of AmCham Finance Committee to discuss upcoming activities and further initiatives. Agenda: 1) Introduction 2] 2014 Finance Committee chairperson elections Nomination period open October 4, 2013 • an individual, employee of AmCham member company can be nominated by other member or can nominate himself/herself; nominations can be sent to Renata Paceltova at • nominees are requested to provide their ideas for running and development of the committee (approx. 300 words). Members are asked to send their nominations till November 4 • Chairperson will be elected to serve 1 year term • Election process will last till December 6 and the winner has to be approved by the Amcham Board of Directors • New chairperson will be appointed at January´s committee meeting - Jan16 3) Info about past events - feedback: 4) Upcoming Events: Workshop on R&D Tax Relief (odpočty na VaV) - October23, 10.00am Driver: Ondřej Beránek/eNovation How can CFO/Finance management contribute to Business Success – Oct25, 10.00am Speakers: Martin Brix/Lease Plan, Martin Kos/Accenture, Best practices from: Martin Viktora/Synergie, + 4th speaker TBC 5)Events - planning: Other topics for November2013 - February2014 to be discussed: workhop on Riziko převodních cen – nebojte se daňových kontrol! Accountancy profession – different aspects and views Future of Mobile Payments 6) 2013-2014 best office publication - Future of Work Third edition of AmCham publication Best Office, this year with the subtitle Future of Work has been recently published. Electronic version of the publication can be downloaded at . Registration: online or at ____________________ To receive more information about Finance Committee and its initiatives, Agenda, please, contact Renata Paceltova at

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