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ICT Committee

January 24, 2008 AmCham

The AmCham ICT Committee will meet on January 24, 9.30 - 11.30 am at the AmCham offices to brainstorm a plan of advocacy activities and access meetings with public sector officials for upcoming months. Please, register at

Kulatý stůl k novému Insolvenčnímu zákonu

January 17, 2008 AmCham

The new Insolvency Act will come in force January 1, 2008. As the private sector has already identified several issues of concern in the act, a roundtable has been called for January 17, 3 - 5 pm to AmCham offices to discuss the concerns. The event will be held in Czech. For more information, please contact Iveta Havlova at

CEO Talks with Aleš Bartůněk

January 15, 2008 Hotel Four Seasons

The informal discussion on leadership, corporate culture, innovations and HR management in the process of IBM turnaround. For senior managers only.

HR Seminar featuring Petr Draxler, Country Human Resources Leader, IBM

January 10, 2008 IBM Brno

IBM Global Services Delivery Center, Czech Republic, s.r.o, Technická 21, Brno 616 00, Gödelova budova Technologického parku - Brno, room F 013. Structure of the seminar: 1. talent management 2. university – private sector partnership and cooperation 3. diversity management

Discussion Roundtable with Czech Telecommunications Office (ČTÚ) and Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO)

December 14, 2007 AmCham

Discussion roundtable on European Commission’s legislative proposals to reform regulatory framework for electronic communications with representatives of the Czech Telecommunications Office (so far, Mr. Frankl has confirmed, Ms. Furstová's participation is pending) and Ministry of Industry and Trade (Mr. Duben, Director of Section of e-Communications has been invited). The roundtable is held on December 14, 9 – 11 am at the AmCham offices at Dušní 10, Prague 1 and will be run in Czech language. The reform proposals posted on the EU web site on November 13, can be downloaded here ( The proposals will now be debated in the European Parliament, and by Member State governments in the Council. Once adopted at EU level, the revised rules have to be incorporated into national law before taking effect. The Commission expects the new framework to be in place from 2010 onwards. Panelists: ČTÚ: Frankl, radní Jana Fürstová, radní Marcela Gürlichová, vedoucí kanceláře předsedy - ředitelku oddělení analýz trhů Janu Kudrnáčovou - Ředitelku oddělení Evropské integrace Paclovou Naďu- Řed. odd. přezkoumání rozhodnutí Markétu Haškovou- MPO: Karel Staněk, ředitel odboru elektronických komunikací. Jaromír Novák, odbor el. komunikací, vedoucí oddělení integrace

Discussion Roundtable - Directive on Payment Services with CNB and MF

December 10, 2007 AmCham

Discussion with Czech National Bank and Finance Ministry representatives on the transposition of a Directive on Payment Services (in internal market) is taking place at AmCham on Monday, December 10. Markéta Hálová (main EU lawyer) and Denisa Jindřichová (ČNB) and Roman Loučka (MF) will be speaking at the event on behalf of their respective institutions. Both institutions have opened a public consultation on the enclosed consultation material. The deadline for delivery of comments on the material expires on December 31. Please send us your questions or comments on the material or the Directive by Friday morning (receiving them is a precondition for the discussion to take place) at The discussion is to be held in Czech.

Business Briefing on How applied Mathematics can boost your business?

December 06, 2007 AmCham office

Featuring Ondřej Komenda of inSophy Ondřej Komenda studied the “Mathematical and computer modeling in physics” at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences in Prague. He is a tireless propagator of mathematical solutions and their enormous benefit when brought from Universities to real life. His company, inSophy, provides mathematical consulting and software solutions for analytically challenging projects in business. These services proved to bring competitive advantage (e.g. by optimizing production, increasing quality of services and optimizing material consumption and the cost) to companies who analyze large datasets, manage complex systems, design technical devices or model risk and reliability. Area, which benefit most are: • Project management - probability modeling, multiagent systems • Manufacturing - multicriteria scheduling, optimization • Marketing research - pattern recognition, data mining • Commodity sales - time series prediction, segmentation • Investments - financial mathematics, analytical modeling • Computer vision - Fourier transform, wavelet analysis • Reliability and maintenance - probability theory, reliability theory Come and see the benefits that these advanced tools can bring to your business.

„How I overcame the crisis of identity“ featuring Aleš Bartůněk, General Manager, IBM ČR

December 05, 2007 ČVUT v Praze, Technická 4, Praha 6

Informal, open discussion moderated by Aleš Vlk.

BB by Tributum on taxation of expats in the Czech Rep. and crossborder holding structuring

December 04, 2007 AmCham office

At AmCham Business Briefing, Mr. Bartuška and Mr. Pomazal of TRIBUTUM CONSULTING will deliver a talk on two main topics: Holding Companies and Tax Planning, and Taxation of Expatriates in the Czech Republic, structured as follows: Holding Companies and Tax Planning in CR, EU & non-EU 1. Perfect Holding & Tax Effective Structure 2. Tax Residency – Seat vs. Place of Management 3. Debt vs. Equity Financing & Thin Cap Rules 4. Royalties (Intellectual Property - SW, Patents & TM, Know-How, Business Secret) 5. Dividends 6. Acquisition & Sale of Shares and Participations 7. Group Taxation & Profit Repatriation 8. Cross-border Reorganisation 9. Transfer Pricing Rules 10. Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) Rules 11. Reporting Trap & Effective Tax Risk Management 12. EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) 13. Impact of EC Primary & Secondary Law and ECJ Cases on Holding Taxation 14. Tax Effective Use of Double Taxation Conventions Network 15. Tax Effective Holding Company Placement – EU, Switzerland or going Offshore ? 16. Czech Republic – Optimal Place for (Regional) Holding? 17. Tax Planning Summary Taxation of Foreigners (Expatriates) in CR 1. Personal Taxation of Expatriates in the Czech Republic 2. Dual Residence Status 3. Tax Residency vs. Tax Non-residency in the Czech Republic 4. Taxation of Foreign Employees incl. In-kind Benefits – CZ & Foreign Incomes 5. Taxation of Foreign Managers and Directors - CZ & Foreign Incomes 6. Taxation of Business Income - CZ & Foreign Incomes 7. Taxation Passive Income (Dividends, Royalties, Interests) - CZ & Foreign Incomes 8. Controlled Foreign Company Rules (Germany, UK, USA) 9. Tax Relieves under the Czech Tax Law 10. Double Taxation Conventions Network 11. Tax Optimization Possibilities 12. Health Insurance 13. Social Insurance under Czech Law & International Treaties incl. Optimization Possibilities The speakers will respond to both general and your business-specific questions in the discussion subsequent to the presentation. Come learn how to cut your company/group‘s costs by better tax planning or tuning your managers‘ tax payments!

HR Committee

November 29, 2007 AmCham office

Mission of the HR Committee is to create a forum for the discussion of challenges in the field of human resources and to be a catalyst of change to resolve these challenges. As members of the HR Committee we agree to: - support and work towards our mission - share ideas and suggestions for activities - actively help in designing and organizing at least one Amcham HR event every 8 weeks Our activities are focused primarily on providing Amcham members with insights, latest trends and opportunities for further development in the area of human resources. We are organizing: • HRSeminars and management roundtables. We carefully review each topic to make sure that we provide you with the latest knowledge and networking opportunities. HRSeminars are designed to give you an insight on a particular hot topic. These seminars are only two hours long and they are run by professionals with experience in a particular area. • Surveys among AmCham members on specific HR issues. • HR Committee meetings where new ideas, activities and suggestions are discussed.

"Scientists in management" featuring Jaroslav Doležal, National Executive, Honeywell ČR

November 28, 2007 ČVUT v Praze, Technická 4, Praha 6

Informal, open discussion moderated by Aleš Vlk

BRNO - Business Briefing on Tax Reform with APOGEO

November 27, 2007 Grandhotel Brno - Benešova 18

Get ready for changes brought by the Tax Reform. In Czech language only. We invite all AmCham members and their guests. The Briefing will be followed by Cocktail (5:30 - 6:30 pm)

Thanksgiving Ball

November 24, 2007 Veletržní Palác

The Ball is guaranteed to once again be one of the sharp highlights of the social calendar. Almost 700 of the leading businesspeople in the country treated to a delectable turkey meal and scintillating musical entertainment. The Thanksgiving Ball corporate table offered the AmCham’s members a unique opportunity to remind leaders in the local business community of your company’s involvement here in the Czech Republic and its support for the Chamber.

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