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Best Office/ Best Office Initiatives

AmCham has seven committees in the area of operational excellence:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT/Telco
  • Labor Code Social Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate

These committees are composed of experts in each respective area, and are charged with preparing activities and publications that will improve members' organizational capabilities.

The purpose of these committees is helping member companies improve their capabilities, serving as a resource for member companies with respect to finance, HR, IT, marketing or real estate related issues and help member companies maximize their membership and market its benefits to clients.

Through the sharing of information, ideas and best practices member companies have related to those areas task forces can help each company enhance its intelligence, refine capabilities and improve their practices.

Committees organize events such as seminars, panel discussions and roundtables to facilitate this sharing of knowledge. The task force will also undertake and participate in special projects related to those areas whose outcome will benefit the entire association.

If you are interested to participate in any of above mentioned committees please contact Kristina Svobodová at


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

AmCham CSR Committee focuses on Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept – solving social issues, while increasing company competitiveness.

The Committee is a platform for exchanging experience with strategic CSR that is aligned with a company core business. The Committee organizes panel discussions and proposes articles related to CSR.
CSR Committee chairperson: Monika Ladmanová of IBM
Contact person: Kristina Svobodová (, cell: 733 670 787)

Finance Committee

Finance Committee members decided to meet every 3rd Thursday in a month.

Activities are focused mostly on latest trends in Finance/Finance management, new legislative changes in the whole sector (Accounting, Taxation, Banking) and opportunities for further development in this area.

Following activities are organized: 
  • Regular Finance committee meetings
  • Workshops - educational small workshops for Finance/Accounting/Tax/controlling representatives of member´companies on relevant topics from FInance/Accounting/Tax/IT tools for Finance, etc.
  • Discussions with 2-5 panelists on the latest trends - such as Shared Services Centers, Outsourcing vs. Insourcing, Tax update, etc.
  • Preparation of Finance management/Accounting/Taxation part of Best offices publication
Finance Committee chairperson: Tomáš Frkal of Process Solutions
AmCham contact person:  Renata Paceltova ( , cell: 724 184 866)

Human Resources Committee

HR Committee members decided to meet every 4rd Friday in a month

Our mission of the HR Committee is to create a forum for the discussion of challenges in the field of human resources and to be a catalyst of change to resolve these challenges. Our activities are focused primarily on providing Amcham members with insights, latest trends and opportunities for further development in the area of human resources.

Following activities are organized: 
  • HR Seminars and management roundtables - We carefully review each topic to make sure that we provide you with the latest knowledge and networking opportunities. HR Seminars are designed to give you an insight on a particular hot topic. These seminars are only two hours long and they are run by professionals with experience in a particular area. 
  • Refresher Courses. Refresher Courses are designed to refresh your knowledge on certain topics, such as marketing, marketing services, finance, etc. These courses are run by experts from the academia, mainly professors from U.S. universities.
  • Surveys among AmCham members on specific HR issues.
  • Monthly HR Committee meetings where new ideas, activities and suggestions are discussed.

HR Committee chairperson: Irena Staňková of Sophisto    
AmCham contact person: Kristina Svobodová, (, cell: 733 670 787)

IT/Telco Committee

IT/Logistics/Telco Committee members decided to meet every 3rd Tuesday in a month.

Activities are focused mostly on latest trends in IT/Telco/Logistics, new technologies, IT tools and best practices for further development of the company.

Following activities are organized:

  • Regular IT committee meetings
  • Workshops - educational small workshops on the latest trend for committee members to share the information.
  • Discussions with 2-5 panelists on best practices/Experiences from implementations of new technologies/tools - such as Cloud, MDM, BYOD, etc...
  • Preparation of IT/Logistics/Telco part of Best offices publication
IT Committee chairperson:  Dalibor Kačmář of Microsoft
AmCham contact person:  Renata Paceltova,  (, cell: 724 184 866) 

Labor Code Social Affairs Committee

Labor Code Social Affairs Committee is a forum of labour lawyers, HR experts and other business professionals, who meet every 6 weeks to discuss current development in Labour Code and other labor issues (legistation plan of ministries, business immigration, upcoming EU legislation, etc.). Main activities of the Committee organized during 2012-2013 were Civil Code Series – series of presentations, panel discussions and sessions about preparation for implementation of the new Civil Code.

LCSAS Committee chairperson: Ladislav Smejkal; of White & Case
Contact person: Veronika Szentiványiová; (, cell: 602 790 012)

Marketing Committee

The mission of Marketing Committee is to create an open discussion forum full of industry experts from both, client side and agency side, who identify major marketing issues that influence their daily operations and will be crucial for the future development of the industry and therefore should be shared with interested AmCham members.

Activities provided by the Committee:

  • Regular Marketing Committee meetings.
  • Marketing oriented panel discussions, seminars and workshops.

Marketing Committee chairperson: Emil Jimenez of Passion Communications
Contact person: Kristina Svobodová (, cell: 733 670 787)

Real Estate Committee

Real Estate activities provided by the Chamber are executed through Real Estate Committee. The Committee is open forum for anyone interested in real estate market issues.

Committee members´ are divided into two working groups:

RE working group on Best Business Practices - Its mission is to create a discussion forum of real estate professionals who debate market best practices and share their experiences and opinions with interested AmCham members.
RE Legislative working group - Its mission is to create a forum of experts identifying, analyzing and advocating major legislative problems related to the real estate market.

Contact person: Kristina Svobodová (, cell: 733 670 787)