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Advocacy / position documents


November 26, 2013

AmCham 2013-2014 Policy Priorities

The Czech Republic has come to the transition point from a successful economic strategy at a time when other, larger countries to the east are successfully undertaking similar approaches, and when the major economic powers of the European Union are being forced by increased competition to redefine their own direction. This creates a tremendous challenge for this country, and an equally large opportunity. Read AmCham 2013-2014 Policy Priorities attached. The document offers some suggestions on some key issues for crafting a new economic direction.

March 22, 2013

Position Paper on Data Protection

Position Paper on Data Protection (EU General Data Protection Regulation) was finalized by group of experts within AmCham members. Special acknowledgements go to Stanislav Bednář, Peterka&Partners, Václav Mach, Microsoft and Allen Overy, Deloitte Legal, Kinstellar, IBM, Philip Morris, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Telefonica. The finalized document will be presented to relevant ministries and public officials. The Paper in Czech is attached bellow (under your company name and password). Read the article about the importance of Data Protection issue here. For more information contact us at

November 19, 2012

Health Care Reform Priority Brief

On november 23, 2012 AmCham members met Minister of Health Care Leoš Heger. Mr. Hegers´s presentation was focused on better understanding how the system of heathcare can improve the quality and efficiency of care for the employees, as well as the expected costs to employers and employees. AmCham´s position to Health Care Reform you can find enclosed.